Privacy Features

Take control of your landline phone with options designed to protect your privacy. These features allow you to manage incoming calls and range from rejecting anonymous callers to blocking specific phone numbers, giving you flexibility and control.

Call Screening

Reduce unwanted calls with Call Screening. This feature allows you to reject calls marked as anonymous or private giving you peace from nuisance callers. It also allows you to block or always accept calls from specific numbers giving you flexibility and control.

CallerID Block

This feature blocks your number from displaying on other telephones with CallerID. All calls you make will display as private.

Privacy Suite

Privacy Suite combines CallerID Block with a non published phone number, which means unless you give your number out, it will remain private.

Distinctive Ring

This service provides two different ring tones for incoming calls to help you differentiate between business and personal calls, or to distinguish incoming faxes from regular calls. You could even provide the number to close family members so you can give these calls priority over other calls.

900 Block

This feature allows you to block dialing of any 900 numbers from your landline phone. These 900 numbers are often pay per minute calls.

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