Fusion Internet (FTTH network)

Nothing is faster than a fiber optic network connected directly to your home or business. Whether you’re downloading music, uploading photos to Facebook, gaming, or streaming HD movies from Netflix, it’s fast! Experience the freedom of working from home. However you choose to use it, it is the fastest Internet service available!

Receive a $10.00 discount on your Internet service when you combine it with Landline Phone!

Fusion services are generally available only within city limits of West Branch, West Liberty, the surrounding subdivisions plus Downey & Springdale. Fusion Internet is also available in rural areas where we have deployed FTTH (fiber to the home).

Fusion 50M

  • The perfect package for 1-3 people, each with two or more devices.
  • 50Mbps down and 2Mbps up.
  • Unlimited Data

Fusion 100M

  • What to get for 4-8 people, each with multiple devices and connected game console.
  • 100Mbps down and 5Mbps up.
  • Unlimited Data

Fusion 250M

  • If you've got a large family, a business, or a small army—or you just want to impress your friends with how fast your internet is—this is your package. Great for connecting a lot of devices all at once, running a business and keeping hard core gamers happy.
  • 250Mbps down and 20Mbps up.
  • 1 TB Data Cap

Fusion Gig

  • Amazing speeds – Gig service is like getting 1000Mpbs! This is the ultimate package.
  • Up to 1Gbps down and 50Mbps up.
  • 1 TB Data Cap
  • This is a residential package, please call 627-2145 for business packages.

Upload Options

Increased upload speeds can be very helpful for online gaming, adding photos or videos to Facebook or for running a business or farm operations. Liberty Communications now offers options to increase the upload speed beyond what's offered standard in the various Fusion Internet packages.
  • 5M Upload - $5.95 (available on the Fusion 50M package)
  • 15M Upload - $15.95 (available on Fusion 50M & 100M packages)
  • 20M Upload - $24.95 (available on Fusion 50M & 100M packages)
  • 50M Upload - $39.95 (available on Fusion 100M & 250M packages)


Email addresses available @Lcom.net
Residential Accounts - 5 FREE (additional addresses are $5/month each)
Business Accounts - 15 FREE (additional addresses are $5/month for a block of 5 addresses)

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